The Academic and Administrative Procedures Committee (AAPC) oversees the curriculum process. Within the bounds of policies established by the faculty, this committee considers: requests for the addition, deletion, or modification of the course offerings of the departments or interdisciplinary programs, and the major; alternative programs for the degree; and changes in administrative procedures; and changes in class meetings and hours.

Proposed changes for new or to existing curriculum must be approved by AAPC prior to faculty vote. Only approved curriculum can be made available for class registration to students.


Deadlines and Timelines

New courses and course changes must be submitted to AAPC in order to be approved and available for pre-registration:

By the end of the third week of September for spring courses

By the end of the third week of February for fall courses


 Process Timelines


(~3 Business Days)


(~2 Weeks)

AAPC and Faculty Meeting

(~1 Month)

  • Cross-Listings of existing course(s)
  • FLAC sections
  • Learning goals for existing majors                                                                                      
  • Routine Changes to majors/minors (i.e.: lists of courses and pathways)
  • Routine changes to courses (i.e.: titles, descriptions, pre-reqs, permissions, standard enrollment caps)
  • Deactivation of existing courses
  • Reactivation of existing courses
  • New majors/minors
  • Deletion of majors/minors
  • Substantial changes to majors/minors (i.e.: structure, number of courses, core requirements)
  • SDIM majors/minors
  • New courses
  • Substantial changes to courses (i.e.: credits, impact to College requirements, non-standard enrollment caps)


Once items are approved at either the AAPC meeting or the Faculty meeting, the Registrar's Office begins the manual process to move the newly approved items into the online catalog and Banner system. 

  • This is a multi-step process and does not happen automatically. Course changes and routine major/minor changes will appear in the catalog within a few business days.

Substantial changes such as inactivating courses, new majors/minors, and substantial major/minor changes will appear in the catalog starting in the next academic year. 

  • For example: a substantial change submitted in October 2023 will not appear until the 2024-2025 catalog is published.


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