Classroom scheduling for all academic courses is handled by the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar will do their best to accommodate requests made on the initial call for classes. 

Registrar-Scheduled Classrooms

The classrooms below are scheduled by the Office of the Registrar. Other classroom space on campus is controlled by individual departments.

Building Room Capacity Configuration
Bill Bill 106 (Silfen) 94 Auditorium; fixed tables, rolling chairs
Bill Bill 212 12 Seminar
Bill Bill 307 30 U shaped
Bill Bill 308 24 Row seating
Bill Bill 401 24 U shaped
Bill Bill 403 40 U shaped
Bill Bill 404 27 Collaboration - pirouette tables, rolling chairs
Bill Bill 409 18 Seminar
Blaustein BLS 201 38 Row seating
Blaustein BLS 203 38 Row seating
Blaustein BLS 205 24 Seminar
Blaustein BLS 206 14 Seminar
Blaustein BLS 207 14 Seminar
Blaustein BLS 208 27 Collaboration - pirouette tables, rolling chairs
Blaustein BLS 209 10 Flexible - rolling tables, chairs
Blaustein BLS 210 70 Row seating
Blaustein BLS 211 20 Seminar
Blaustein BLS 212 16 Seminar
Blaustein BLS 213 28 Row seating
Bolles Sheridan (105) 24 Seminar
Bolles Mike James (109) 25 Row seating
Cummings Oliva 120 Auditorium
Fanning Fanning 101 35 Row seating
Fanning Fanning 102 25 Seminar
Fanning Fanning 110 14 Seminar
Fanning Fanning 301 20 U shaped
Fanning Fanning 302 24 Row seating
Fanning Fanning 306 30 Row seating
Fanning Fanning 308 30 Row seating
Fanning Fanning 310 24 Row seating
Fanning Fanning 315 27 Row seating
Fanning Fanning 412 18 Seminar
Fanning Fanning 417B 27 Collaboration - pirouette tables, rolling chairs
Fanning Fanning 423 28 Row seating
Freeman Dining Room 40 Row seating and tablet chairs
Hale Hale Brown 48 Fixed Row Seating
Hale Hale 118 18 Row seating
Harris Main Street East 26 Seminar
New London Hall NLH 101 48 Fixed Row Seating
New London Hall NLH 200 16 Seminar
New London Hall NLH 400 16 Seminar
Olin Olin 014 140 Auditorium
Olin Olin 102 10 Seminar
Olin Olin 107 20 Row seating
Shain Dilley 18 Seminar

Classroom Change Requests

Once classrooms have been assigned, faculty may request to change their assigned rooms using the Room Change Request form. The request will be reviewed and accommodated if possible. These requests may only be submitted starting one month prior to the start of the upcoming term through the add/drop period. Class size and accessibility accommodation take precedence over all other requests.

Appropriate Room Change Request Reasons:

• Room Size Change (Registered students increased/decreased)

• Accessibility Accommodation

• Room Resources (Need room set up and/or technology/board type that does not exist in current room)

• Teaching Back to Back (Not enough travel time from one classroom to the other)

An alternative room solution must be provided in the request. Faculty are able to view rooms by accessing the EMS Web App via CamelWeb (see below).

EMS Web App

The EMS Web App shows classroom availability in real time, as well as capacities, room photos, and other notes.

Direct Link:

To access the app through CamelWeb:

• Go to Campus Life/ Plan and Event

• Click on EMS Web App

• Click Locations from the left-hand side under Browse

• Select Dates and Locations to search for a specific building on a specific day

• Click on a room to see photos and notes

Important Notes on Scheduling
  • Faculty are required to not exceed their room capacity when allowing students to register from the waitlist.
  • Even though a room is free one week, it may not be free the entire semester and so your request may be denied.
  • All academic space requests must come through the Office of the Registrar as it is both a liability for the college and a matter of safety.


The Office of Events and Catering schedules classroom space for non-academic meetings, activities, and events. Student clubs should submit requests for event space through ConnQuest. 

If you have any questions, please submit them to