Q. When and how do I apply for a job on campus?

A. Many available jobs are posted on line the third week in August. You may go to Handshake in CamelWeb (the College intranet) and use the search engines to find on campus jobs based on the type of employment you are eligible for. Once you find a job that interests you, you can apply with any documentation the application requires. 

Q. What if I can't find a job that way? What else can I do?

A. Please keep looking. Positions decrease rapidly as the fall semester progresses, but there are always available jobs. There is a difference between no available jobs and wanting the absolutely perfect job. If you have specific time demands (such as odd class hours or practice/games), you may need to look a bit harder and perhaps broaden your search to include positions that will accommodate these demands on your time. There are jobs on this campus such as Dining Services that are willing to accommodate your schedule. Dining Services is one of the highest paying and most flexible jobs on campus. We strongly recommend that you contact any department that you may have an interest on to see if they have any openings available that is not advertised with our office.

Q. Once I find a job, do I need to fill out any forms?

A.  Yes, you  must complete the following:
(1) CT W4, Federal W4, I-9 forms
(2) Direct Deposit Form
These forms can be found on the Student Employment website in CamelWeb. 

You can drop off these forms following the schedule on CamelWeb; listed under the forms.

Q. Can I have more than one campus job during the academic year?

A. YES. A student may work on campus for more than one department at a time assuming the class schedule allows them to do so. If you are a Federal Work Study student, you must have at least one of those jobs under this program. Students typically work 6-10 hours a week. It is important to mention that the more jobs under the Federal Work Study program and the more hours you add to your work schedule the faster your Federal Work Study may deplete.

Q. Is there ever a shortage of Federal Work Study positions?

A. Federal Work Study positions decrease rapidly as the fall semester progresses. Financial Aid Services has no control over the number of positions that become available, so we strongly encourage students to start the job search as soon as possible. Handshake is updated as jobs become available so we encourage you to visit periodically.

Q. What if I earn all of my Federal Work Study eligibility before the end of the year?

A. Students typically work between 6-8 hours a week. We strongly recommend you keep track of the Federal Work Study awarded to you. You can record the amount earned by deducting the amount you were paid from the amount you were originally offered.  If the amount of Federal Work Study you were offered is depleted before the end of the academic year, you and your supervisor will be notified. Your supervisor may the terminate your current EPAF and originate a new one under regular pay.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your supervisor has the right to terminate your employment once your Federal Work Study allocation is depleted.