The Environmental Health & Safety Committee is responsible for assuring a safe work environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors through the creation and maintenance of effective safety and health programs. The EH&S Committee assists the Director of Environmental Health & Safety to establish appropriate health and safety policies, programs and procedures in accordance with federal regulations and guidelines that cover workplace safety and environmental compliance.

Below are the members of the Connecticut College Environmental Health & Safety Committee. If you have an environmental or safety concern, contact one of these representatives.

Steve Langlois (Chair) Facilities Management (EH&S) 2252
Amanda Mayfield Controller (Risk Management) 2835
Elizabeth Rougny Human Resources 2038
Mary Savage Campus Safety 2251
Kevin Schultz Facilities Management (Mechanical Trades) 2269
Marco Michaud Facilities Management (Stockroom) 2257
Deb Devona Facilities Management (Custodial) 2256
Richard Byrd Facilities Management (Custodial) 2256
Ron Burridge Facilities Management (Garage) 2267
Nick Korenkiewicz Facilities Management (Grounds) 2267
Frank Kornacki Facilities Management (Building Trades) 2258
Chris DeNovellis Facilities Management (Power House) 2293
Sara O'Connor Dining Services 2465
John Heck Athletics Department 5155
Leigh Knuttel Arboretum 2131
Rodney Dummond Theater Services 2609
Lil Carrasquillo-Vasquez Student Life (Residential Education and Living) 5404