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Accessible buildings and walkways

See the full list of accessible or partially accessible buildings. The  Campus Map also denotes accessible buildings, entryways and walkways. 

Accessible classroom requests

Students who require classes to be scheduled in accessible locations or have other special classroom needs should inform the director of Student Accessibility Services as soon as possible (preferably before preregistration for returning students and during the summer for entering students). Special classroom needs should also be indicated by the student in the online student application.

Please inform the director of Student Accessibility Services immediately if the need for a change in classroom location or other accommodation arises during the school year. If you have not already registered with the Office of Student Accessibility Services, you will be required to provide appropriate documentation of your disability. You should also inform your class dean and relevant faculty members. We will make every attempt to meet specific needs that arise after classrooms have been assigned, but we will need your cooperation to do so.


Students with permanent disabilities who require accessible parking on campus, must obtain a Handicapped Parking Permit in your name that is issued by your state of permanent residence.

Students who have a temporary impairment should contact Student Health Services at 860-439-2275 for special parking permissions.