Registration Override

The override allows the assigned primary instructor to permit a student to register online for an existing course/section.

Primary Instructor

Only the primary instructor assigned to the course/section (CRN) can submit an override in Self Service. The instructor listed in the Course Schedule with a (P) after their name is the primary instructor. The system only allows one primary instructor. 

Types of Overrides
Permit CodeDescriptionSpecial ApprovalTimeCapacityClassField of Study
ALL Class, major, time, capac, permiss X X X X X
CLASSYEAR For class year restricion       X  
MAJORMINOR For major, minor restriction         X
PERMISSION For approval or permission req X        
TIME For time conflict   X      

TIP: Use the ALL override to exceed the capacity* of seat reservations (not class year override). 

*Instructors may exceed the capacity of the course as long the classroom capacity will not be exceeded. Questions regarding classroom capacity may be directed to
Overrides DO NOT:
  • allow early or late access to online registration 
  • allow overpointing
  • register students: the override is permission, not registration. The student must register using online registration (and online registration has to be open).
 To Submit an Override in Self Service

1. From the Self Service Faculty Services menu, select “Student Information for Faculty and Advisors”, then “Registration Overrides”.

2. To select an ID, set Search Type set to "All", enter the student’s ID or name, then “Submit”.

- If the search doesn't seem to work, try again with only the last name, only the first name, entering the first few letters of the last name and/or first name, or the ID. 

- If you're at a page in which an ID has already been selected, see Step 6 to choose another ID.

3. Use the dropdown arrows to select an override and the course, then “Submit”.

4. Review the information and “Submit” again to confirm. 

   The Override is in place when these are visible:

  - a new section "Current Student Overrides" detailing the Override, Course and Activity Date beneath the Submit button (near the bottom of the page)

  - a message near the top of the page (above the Confidential explanation), "The registration overrides you entered have been saved successfully."

5. Email students (use bcc if sending to multiple) to let them know they may now register online for the course. They won’t get any other notification.

6. Choose "ID Selection" at the bottom of the page in order to search for another student. You may also get to "ID Selection" from the Student Information for Faculty and/or Advisors menu.


You will need to keep a list of the names/IDs of students to whom you give an override. You can go back into ID selection/Registration Override and see which course(s) you gave an override for a particular student, but you cannot see a list of all the students who have overrides for a particular course. Review your own override list against the Self Service class list to track who did and did not register. Then you may follow up with students to whom you gave an override but didn’t register. The student may use the override as long as online registration is available.

Other Notes:
  • If your course contains both a lecture and a lab with separate CRNs, you will need to give overrides for both CRNs. Whether or not permission is needed, students must register for both at the same time each piece is a corequisite of the other.
  • Overrides, since they are given individually, may not be ideal for large courses for which all students require permission. You may continue to send a list of students/IDs for the course/section to We’ll leave it up to the instructor/department.
  • Students may not overpoint (i.e., sign up for more than 19 credits) until the first day of classes in each semester. They may wait until then to register for a course with an override. An override will not allow a student to exceed their max credit limit.