As a senior, I have come to appreciate any customizable food experience Conn can offer me. This year, I have particularly enjoyed Jane Addams (JA) Dining’s lunches where you can make your own panini.

So, I decided to continue my dining experience blogging and tell you all the best JA hacks: 

  • The basil pesto goes with everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. My new favorite panini combination is pesto, egg salad, and roasted red peppers.
  • JA’s iced coffee is the best dining hall coffee on campus. This iced coffee is much stronger than Harris’s and will keep you going for a good few hours.
  • JA always has avocados. So it’s a great opportunity to make avocado toast with their nice sourdough bread.
  • JA’s salad bar has about four different types of cheese. Take some cheese to-go or use it to make different grilled cheese sandwiches!
  • Oil your bread before putting it into the panini press. Trust me, your bread will not stick and you will get a crunchy sandwich. JA normally has three types of flavored oils right next to the bread baskets. My favorite is their red chili oil.
  • Make an extra sandwich and take it in a to-go container. On Thursdays, I never have time for dinner due to my schedule. So I usually make a turkey-cheddar sandwich and carry it around with me till I get hungry.

JA is a hidden gem on campus.