Salad from Harris dining hall
Daniella Mani ’20’s creation: salad and noodle soup!

As an international student, there are days when I miss a simple home-cooked meal. There are also days when I miss the freedom of being creative and whipping up recipes from the Food Network. However, I can personally attest that getting creative in a college dining hall isn’t impossible.

Here’s a quick crash course into what can be accomplished in Harris:

  • Yogurt Bowls
    Grab some plain yogurt from the salad bar. Then, proceed to pile fruits, seeds, raisins, cinnamon and whatever you desire to make a yogurt bowl!
    Author’s hints: there’s honey available to drizzle on top near the tea station; the honey and nut granola from the cereal section is always a winner with vanilla yogurt.

  • Eggs and…
    Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs (from the salad bar), or omelets with whatever you can scavenge from the dining hall, Harris’s made-to-order eggs are a staple in my diet.
    Recommended by Khadija Gohar ’22: Scrambled eggs with peppers + red chili flakes + onions.

  • Nachos
    This is when you really need to get creative. Grab the tortilla chips available beside the main entrance and top with shredded cheese. Put it in the microwave until the cheese is melted. Then, top with grilled chicken from the grill, olives and other things you want from the salad bar to get customized nachos!

  • Quesadillas
    First, head on over to the bread and get the herbed tortilla (or plain). Add whatever vegetables and proteins you want and hand on over to the grill for a freshly made quesadilla!
    Favorite from Maryum Qasim '20: Grilled chicken and cheese quesadilla.

  • Burgers
    There are turkey, beef and even veggie patties available to order from the grill. Pair that with toppings such as onions, lettuce and guacamole (if available) from the salad bar and maybe snag some fries, also from the grill, and you have a meal!
    Author’s fail-safe: Beef burger with onions, lettuce and a fried egg.

  • Bacon and Sesame Nuggets
    Feeling a little swamped with work? Want some comfort/greasy food? You can get turkey and pork bacon and even sesame nuggets from the grill to quench that stress.

  • Customized Sauces
    Nothing beats dipping fries, fried foodand even dumplings into sauces. However, plain ranch gets boring. So, sometimes it’s nice to mix it up your own.
    • Dumpling sauce recipe from Roy Walton ’21: Mix tamari sauce, garlic powder, ketchup, sesame oil and a bit of sriracha (all available at the little spice counter beside the salad bar). 
    • I suggest mixing honey mustard with hot sauce for a tangy fried chicken patty (always available at the grill).
    • Eslam Gamal ’22 suggests spicing up your plain chicken salad with some barbecue sauce.

  • Sundaes
    • Waffle Sundae
      Waffle makers and batter are always available throughout the day. You can top it with ice cream, whipped cream, fruits, jelly and whatever fix-ins you want!
    • Brownie Sundae
      This can be availed whenever the dessert section has brownies. Top with ice-cream, chocolate/strawberry syrup (available near the milk) and whipped cream (in the fridge next to the cereal). Even better if you slightly warm the brownie in the microwave beforehand.

If the above list wasn’t enough, check out Connecticut College women’s rowing team’s food Insta for more inspiration: @cocoworow_eats.