Students pose for a group photo at CCEmpower
Group shot by MJ Peters

In my first spring semester at Conn, I went to Palmer Auditorium to watch CCEmpower’s annual show. The purpose of CCEmpower is to perform a show that represents women and non-binary students across varying identities through unique, but unifying voices. CCEmpower's show involves Conn students submitting monologues that showcase their lived experiences. The goal of this organization is to create an inclusive space to bring students together and reflect on their lived experiences, while also raising money and awareness for Safe Futures, an essential service in Southeastern Connecticut that provides support for survivors of domestic abuse.

First-year me was blown away. I reveled at how inspiring each story was and how amazing the students involved in this show were. That was the moment I started my Conn bucket list and this was the first thing I put on it — to participate in a CCEmpower show during my time here. While I had been planning to participate in my sophomore year, the pandemic made me postpone it multiple times. But I finally got my chance in my senior spring.

At the beginning of April, CCEmpower put on their show “My Voice When It's Loud” in Harkness Chapel. It was an evening of reflection, powerful stories, and extraordinarily loud voices.

I was happy to have a chance to be in the show because it enabled me to tick off one more thing from my Conn bucket list! It felt like the beginning of the end even though I am still in denial about graduating in 24 days.