When I started looking at colleges in high school I did not really know where to start. Luckily, my high school had a strong college counseling program. My counselor and I began the college search by talking about what I enjoyed about my school. I really liked that my teachers and almost everyone in my class knew me well. I wanted a similar college experience where my professors took an interest in how I was doing in class.

I did not want to go to school too far away from my home in Wethersfield, Connecticut because I had never really been far from home for very long before I went to college. I wanted a school that was academically rigorous, where I would be challenged, and I was looking for a liberal arts education because I was not sure what it was that I wanted to major in or do after college, and I knew that a liberal arts college would allow me to explore my varied interests. During the spring of my junior year, my counselor recommended several schools that she thought fit my criteria and others that she thought I would like based on my interests. Connecticut College was one of the schools on that list. I had never been to or heard much about it, but during spring break I visited the College.

When I first arrived on campus I really liked the architecture. The stone buildings reminded me of Hogwarts. I took a campus tour that day and learned about the Honor Code, which was something I really liked about Conn. The Honor Code at Conn creates a culture where faculty and staff trust students and students trust each other. Many of the schools I looked at were liberal arts schools similar in size to Conn. The Honor Code made Conn stand out.

During my senior year of high school, I was advised to start my applications early, which in hindsight was a great idea. It would have been hard for me to worry about applications while also having a busy senior-year schedule. Because Conn was my top choice and because it was a reach school for me, I decided to apply early decision. At first I was hesitant due to the nature of early decision; if you get accepted you agree that you will attend. I decided that Conn was a place I could see myself going and I really liked it.

I received my acceptance email on the opening night of my high school theater student performance. I was in the cast and I could not wait to open the email. I was so excited that I got accepted and that the College search was now over for me. Finding out that I got in felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. After that, I choose to come to one of the accepted students days. It was pouring rain the day I visited campus but I still felt that Conn was the place for me. Meeting students and going to a class here really showed me that the people here are very friendly and, while the classes are rigorous, there are people who are here to help. I also knew that I wanted to build on what I learned in high school and I knew that Conn would help me do that. I am now a junior, and since matriculating I have discovered my interest and love for American culture leading me to become an American Studies and English double major. I have grown emotionally and intellectually here, I never would have thought about Conn had it not been for my counselor and it has been a great fit for me.