Connecticut College: ‘We are still in’

Connecticut College President Katherine Bergeron has joined more than 1,200 college and university presidents, governors, mayors, and business leaders in signing an open letter to the international community expressing a commitment to sustaining the actions outlined in the 2015 Paris climate accord. 

“It is imperative that the world know that in the U.S., the actors that will provide the leadership necessary to meet our Paris commitment are found in city halls, state capitals, colleges and universities, investors and businesses,” the letter reads.

“Together, we will remain actively engaged with the international community as part of the global effort to hold warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius and to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy that will benefit our security, prosperity and health.”

In May, Bergeron was among two dozen college and university presidents publically endorsing the "Put A Price On It" campaign, which advocates for carbon pricing as a means to reduce dependence on fossil fuels while increasing investments in renewable energy.

“These initiatives reflect a long and venerable history of environmental stewardship at Connecticut College,” Bergeron said. “They also speak to the sustainability goals outlined more recently in our strategic plan, Building on Strength, with its reaffirmation of the College's commitment to environmentally responsible, economically viable, and socially just policies and practices.”


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June 7, 2017