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Senior awarded Harris Fellowship

Nancy Wallace '09 has been awarded the prestigious Harris Fellowship in Child Development and Early Childhood Education at Calvin Hill Daycare and Yale Child Studies Center, both of which are affiliated with Yale University. The fellowship is a collaboration between the Yale Child Study Center Section on Child Development and the Calvin Hill Day Care Center of New Haven.

As a Harris Fellow, Wallace will spend one year training with master teachers at the Calvin Hill center, a model preschool program and one of the first in the nation accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Wallace will also work closely with senior clinicians at the Yale Child Study Center, exploring issues of child development, child psychopathology and clinical evaluations and interventions.

"I am so excited about the opportunity to work in the Yale community, with one of the top preschool programs in the country," Wallace said. "It will be an honor to work with professionals so well-established in their fields."

A double major in psychology and human development, Wallace hopes to eventually pursue a doctorate in psychology or a master's degree in social work.

Jefferson Singer, professor of psychology at Connecticut College, said he is thrilled Wallace was selected for the Harris Fellowship.

"It was a very stiff competition," Singer said. "The Yale Child Studies Center is a world renowned institution, and Nancy will have the opportunity both as a teacher and a researcher to learn about the interface of psychology, mental health and education."

April 24, 2009