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Kyle Joseph '12 is a philosophical musician

Photo by Madison McKenna
Photo by Madison McKenna

When Kyle Joseph '12 signed up for a philosophy class his freshman year, he had no idea that his music would be forever changed. Joseph, guitarist and lead singer for the band Take Care, describes his Freshman Seminar, "The Meaning of Life" with Professor Simon Feldman , as an eye-opening experience.

"My Freshman Seminar changed the way I perceive life," he said. It also changed his lyrics. Take Care's recently released first album, "Awakenasleep," is heavily influenced by philosophy. ("Awakenasleep" is available for free download at Joseph says he believes that the world already has too many love songs, and philosophy gives him the opportunity to explore a wide range of emotions and themes in his lyrics.

"For example, the song 'Raindance' is a stance against escapism, a philosophical term that describes the enjoyment of an activity resulting from forgetting about the world's problems," Joseph said. Music is not just a leisure activity for this sophomore. Joseph, who intends to double major in philosophy and math, plans to become a professional musician. In fact, Joseph had considered attending music school, but decided a liberal arts education was more practical and flexible.

"I wanted to get a well-rounded education, and meet people from all different walks of life, not just musicians." Joseph said.

Joseph even thought about pursuing a major in music, but decided against it. "I am not interested in all genres. However, the Music Department permits me to take upper level electronic music classes that are practical and assist me with reaching my musical aspirations," explained Joseph.

Joseph also takes advantage of Connecticut College's band cooperative, Musicians Organized for Band Rights on Campus (MOBROC). MOBROC's home, the Barn, provides Joseph and other musicians with practice space and music equipment.

"Most colleges do not have similar programs for non-music majors, and MOBROC is a great way to meet other talented student-musicians outside of the Music Department," Joseph said.

November 5, 2009