Three computer labs are located in Shain Library: the PC Electronic Classroom, the Davis Electronic Classroom, and the Advanced Technology Lab (ATL). When not in use for instruction, these labs are all available for use by current Connecticut College students, faculty and staff during open library hours. A schedule is placed just outside of each lab.

To find the number of computers and software available in each lab, see the Computer Lab Software page. There are also a number of discipline-specific computer labs located throughout the campus for specialized use.


To reserve the use of the computer labs, contact Sharon Brouillard. Priority for use is given to library research or technology instruction, and courses that require use of a computer lab. Other campus workshops and programs may schedule a lab, but use may be pre-empted by course needs, with sufficient notice. Please note that the Advanced Technology Lab has slightly different policies

Full semester scheduling for a class will be considered if the course requires use of unique hardware and software available in one of the labs. In order to ensure equitable use of the labs, flexibility may be required to accommodate courses needing the lab for single-use sessions. To enable students to complete assignments, there is a blackout time for non-course scheduling during the last two weeks of classes through finals. Requests to reserve computer labs for scheduled final exams must be initiated by or aproved by the Registrar's office.

If specific software needs to be installed in one of the Shain labs for your class, please submit a Web Help Desk Ticket by June 1 for use in the fall semester and by November 1 for use in the spring semester. Major software upgrades will only be performed during the summer break.

Lab Calendars

To find out if a lab is available at a specific time, look at the lab calendars below.