The LGBTQIA Center supports the College's main student-run groups dealing with gender and sexuality. The groups work closely with the Center's director in a joint mission to promote understanding and equality through education, mutual support and activism. If you are interested in getting more information about a particular group, re-establishing a currently inactive group, or starting up a new LGBTQIA organization, please email

Active Organizations

QTPOC: Queer & Trans People of Color 

Queer, Trans & Intersex People of Color (QTIPOC) aims to provide a safe space to celebrate the intersection between queerness and BIPOC identities. As a closed group on campus, QTIPOC's goal is to encourage and foster self-love and validation by increasing the visibility and sense of community among QTIPOC at Connecticut College. QTIPOC aims to facilitate an environment where queer folks can find solidarity and support, as well as discuss ideas with, and learn from one another.

(CQ2): Connecticut College Queer & Questioning

(CQ)2 is a student-run discussion group that provides a space for LGBTQIA+ and questioning students to explore their identity in a safe, private, and supportive environment. The group meets weekly and all identities are welcome!

The Men of Color Alliance (M.O.C.A)

The Men of Color Alliance (MOCA) is a program under Gender and Sexuality Programs. Consisting of monthly meetings and occasional events, MOCA strives to create an intentional environment for men of color to come together to find solidarity with one another and explore what it means to be a man of color today. MOCA aims to become a site for the development of supportive relationships between members and across all levels of our campus community.

The Women of Color Collective (W.O.C.C)

This group has been formed to serve as a sanctuary for womxn of color (WOC). This group aims to develop and strengthen the WOC community amongst students, faculty, staff, and alumni of color and to create a space where we can celebrate our identity and lift each other up.

Currently Inactive Organizations


Prism is an LGBTQIA+ advocacy group on campus that works to educate and raise awareness of issues related to sexuality, gender, and intersectional identities such as race, ethnicity, and class. 

Spectrum: Gender & Sexuality Alliance

Spectrum worked toward ending homophobia and transphobia through education and advocacy. The group was dedicated to raising awareness about issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, changing discriminatory policies and attitudes, and providing support for our members.


Versum was a group designed to support trans students on the Connecticut College campus and make the campus a safer environment for trans people. The group did this in three ways: by holding regular meetings for trans-identified or questioning students, by working with the College to get trans-friendly policies in place, and by hosting events around campus to spread awareness of trans identities.