Using Faculty Success to generate your annual report

Per IFF 2.4.2, Connecticut College faculty members are required to submit an annual report at the end of each academic year. In addition to serving as each faculty member's official record of activity and achievement during the prior year, the information in these reports is used for a variety of institutional purposes such as research and reporting on faculty excellence, the writing of grant proposals, and communications regarding the activities of our faculty members. This infographic with Faculty Highlights from Activity Insight 2018-19 gives an idea of the kinds of summary data we extract from the records that faculty members enter into the system.

The College uses the Faculty Success web portal as a way for faculty members to enter their information throughout the year into a permanent database. One aim behind its adoption was to reduce the number of times faculty members are asked for particular types of information, such as publications and research with students. 

Click this link to log in to Faculty Success and enter information about your teaching, scholarship and creative work, and service:            

Log in with your Connecticut College user name and password (as if you’re logging into CamelWeb). Please consult this information sheet for detailed instructions on entering your information into Faculty Success and running your annual report.

A screenshot of the main Faculty Success screen is shown below. Once you log in, click on the links under each of the four sections to enter information about your activities, as applicable. Some information (e.g., regarding your teaching and advising) will be prepopulated for you by the end of the spring semester. Please give careful attention to each section and consider whether you have activities to report. 

A screenshot of the Activity Insight home screen

Please direct any questions about using Faculty Success to John Nugent in the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (