Composting Program

With a history of community engagement, a group of students and staff came together in fall 2011 to create a program that could systematically collect food scraps on campus and transform them into nutrient-rich compost. The result of this collaboration was the Composting Program as the College knows it today.

With support from Dining Services,  Facilities Management and the Manager of Sustainability, seven student positions have been created to provide a sustained composting effort on campus. A Program Coordinator position is available to a student with a true passion for sustainability and an interest in ensuring that composting continues on campus into the future. This student guides all parts of the program from training new student members, monitoring the chemical processes of composting and communicating with important departments such as Dining Services and Grounds.

Additionally, six Student Composter positions are provided for students looking to support the Composting Program throughout the year. These Student Composters work with the Program Coordinator to collect food scraps from a variety of places on campus and deposit them into the Earth Tubs seven days a week.

All students hired to work on the Composting Program are paid through the Federal Work Study program. 

Contact Information:




Josh Stoffel
Manager of Sustainability