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Steel House Sustainability Grants Program

In October 2011, President Higdon announced the creation of the Steel House Sustainability Grants Program to support student projects related to sustainability on campus. The ultimate goal of the program is to promote sustainability at Connecticut College by fast-tracking the most promising of student initiatives and allowing the student body to see the full implementation of the projects quickly. The Student Sustainability Grants Program was established by a $400,000 endowment for sustainability that President Higdon was able to put together with donations from multiple sources.

Students get help with their proposals

Students applying for a Steel House Sustainability Grant will need to craft a well-developed proposal, in consultation with and support of a staff or faculty adviser and the Manager of Sustainability. Proposals should be sent to Dean Roger Brooks, Chair of the Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC), and will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the SSC.

If viewed as promising, the student(s) will be asked to present their proposal to a subcommittee of the SSC. If the SSC subcommittee finds the presentation acceptable, the student will be invited to present their proposal to the President,  who will make the final decisions as to the allocation of the Steel House Sustainability Grant awards.

Criteria for sustainability grants proposals

The criteria used to select proposals for funding are that each project should:

  • Relate to sustainability. Specifically, the goal must support environmental stewardship, social equity and/or ethical economic practices. Priority will be given to proposals that support all three components of sustainability
  • Articulate what the overall cost of the project would be through a detailed budget and compare it to how it will help advance all aspects of sustainability at the College
  • Demonstrate how the proposed project could be implemented quickly or serve as a pilot project for broad-scale implementation across campus if successful
  • Include a timeline for completion

For more information about the Steel House Sustainability Grants Program, please contact our Manager of Sustainability, Josh Stoffel.

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Josh Stoffel
Manager of Sustainability