The Women's Center

The Women’s Center at Connecticut College strives to educate, advocate for and provide support services for the achievement of women’s equity. Special attention is focused on, but not limited to, women who face additional challenges due to their race, ethnicity, socio-economic class, sexual identity, religion, age and physical or mental ability.

Our Location

Our warm and welcoming space is located in the Smith/Burdick basement, right below the Smith dining hall. Look for the large banner over our windows!

What’s in the Center?

Comfortable couches, a TV, DVD player, a chalkboard wall advertising events, a coffeemaker and plenty of tea. We also host a large number of books and films dedicated to a wide variety of gender issues. The center is open every night until 11 p.m., staffed by students who are trained to be the point of contact during those hours. 

Our annual events

The Women's Center at Connecticut College sponsors and participates in several annual events.


In addition to our library and video collection, we have pamphlets about a variety of topics as well as condoms and lube.

Student Executive Board

Carter Goffigon '14
Gita Johnson '15
Danielle Palmieri '15
Bettina Weiss '15
Jamie Cooper '16
Olivia Dufour '16