Athletic Identity

Athletic Camel image

The Athletic Camel

The athletic identity project team developed a new proud, aggressive, tough and active image (shown here) for our intercollegiate athletics program. The Connecticut College name, colors and visual image are important tools to convey to regional and national audiences the distinctive character of this great institution.

This logo is reserved for the Department of Athletics and may not be used to promote clubs, intramural sports or any other non-athletic departments. Please refer to the Visual Identity Manual for more comprehensive details.


image of the blue Connecticut College vintage Camel Vintage Camel Logo

The standing "blue camel" logo served as an athletic mark since 1999, but was retired in 2010. The vintage camel logo may not be used to represent official teams or programs of varsity athletics. However, it may be used for non-athletic programs, such as those affiliated with alumni activities or student clubs. Refer to the Visual Identity Manual for usage guidelines.

[Color] Vintage Camel Logo
[Pantone 295] Vintage Camel Logo
[Black] Vintage Camel Logo[Black] Vintage Camel Logo
[White] Vintage Camel Logo

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