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New York Times blog features advice from Dean Martha Merrill ´84


In a New York Times blog posting today, Martha Merrill ´84, Connecticut College´s dean of admission and financial aid, gives parents advice about how to navigate the later stages of the admission process. "Parents can help prepare students for the college transition - and for life as adults - by gently guiding them through this process and allowing them to take ownership of admission decisions," Merrill says. She urges parents to celebrate every acceptance, resist the urge to compare admission decisions with other parents and to check their pronoun confusion. "Remember, it´s not ´we´ got in, or ´we´ got denied. Allowing your children to take ownership will help them feel confident in their decisions and prepare them for the transition to college." This is Merrill´s second piece to be published in the Times´ popular education blog, "The Choice: Demystifying College Admissions and Aid." In a June posting, Merrill shared her advice for writing the perfect college essay.

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