Campus Construction 2014

Architect rendering of Shain Library after renovation.In addition to a major renovation of Shain Library, (see architect's rendering at left), construction projects this summer of 2014 will primarily focus on enhancements to the College’s infrastructure.The College is undertaking a major renovation of the Power House and upgrades in several academic spaces, such as Cummings Arts Center humidity controls and New London Hall exhaust ductwork.

Roof repair at the Dayton Arena, repairs to the pedestrian bridge to the athletic center and flooring replacement at the fitness center are being completed as well.

Other work includes interior and exterior repair and upgrades to the College Center at Crozier-Williams and the following residence houses: 360 Mohegan, Freeman and Plant. Various residences will also undergo water intrusion repairs and Winchester Road houses will get safety upgrades, including exterior lighting and speed bumps.