Why Give?

The simple answer is that you value what Connecticut College does -- or what it has given you -- and you want to support it. You love the College. You want it to thrive. This year some 9,000 people will say yes to that and will make a gift to Connecticut College.

Our students learn to think critically and with an open mind, express themselves creatively and develop a global view. They are superbly equipped for life in a world of unpredictable challenges and unimaginable opportunities -- a world that needs the talents they offer. A Connecticut College education transforms lives.

How does that happen? Professors who are mentors, not just teachers. Limitless options for learning in the classroom, through internships and volunteer work, on the athletic field and in performance halls. Friendships that last a lifetime.

If you think the College doesn't need your support, consider this: tuition has never paid the full cost of a Connecticut College education. Every student since the College's early days has benefited from the generosity of alumni, parents and friends. Their gifts helped defray the cost of providing one of the best liberal arts educations in the nation.

Giving back is a tradition at Connecticut College. Be part of it!

If you think you can't give enough to make a difference, read this.

Questions? If you don't see the answer here, please contact annualfund@conncoll.edu.