Thomas Beasley

Tom Beasley, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics

B.A. Northwestern University; Ph.D. Yale University

Greek Historiography
Greek Cultural & Intellectual History
Ancient Imperialisms
Roman Ironists (Catullus, Lucan, Ovid)
Classics & Popular Culture
Digital Classics

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Tom is at work on a book, "Thucydides’ Oblique Self-Definitions," which argues that certain portions of Thucydides’ history that are thematically, stylistically or methodologically anomalous owe their idiosyncrasies to their status as loci of self-definition. These passages find Thucydides negotiating his place within his cultural and intellectual context, by variously employing, reworking, recontextualizing, and even parodying the methods, themes and styles of his predecessors and contemporaries.

Tom is also working on a Reader’s Guide to accompany the iPad release of Eric Shanower’s Eisner Awardwinning “Age of Bronze,” a graphic novel of the Trojan War. The project finds him writing broadly on Bronze Age archaeology, Hittite art and culture, and literary traditions of the Trojan War from the 8th century BCE to the 21st century CE.

Tom teaches first-year Greek and second-year Latin, as well as courses in translation. During the 2013-2014 academic year, he is teaching a new course, Violence in Classical Literature and Modern Cinema, which explores representations of violence in ancient epic and drama and compares them to landmark depictions of violence in American film.

Recent publications:

  • “A Homeric Echo in Catullus 51.” Classical Quarterly, 62.2 (2012): 862-3.
  • Age of Bronze Seen: Reader’s Guide to Age of Bronze (a graphic novel of the Trojan War) for iPad through Throwaway Horse LLC

Recent conference presentations:

  • “Irony and the Periclean Obituary, or: Why Does Pericles Receive a Premature Burial in Thucydides?” APA Annual Meeting, January 2013
  • “Digital Comics & Pedagogy: Teaching the Trojan War with Eric Shanower’s Age of Bronze,” Yale Collaborative Learning Center, Teaching with Technology lunch series, February 2012
  • “The Rhetoric of Evidence in Thucydides,” Classical Association Annual Conference, Durham University, April 2011

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