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Robert Baldwin, Associate Professor of Art History

Associate Professor of Art History

B.A., New York University
Ph.D., Harvard University

• Late Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque art, early modern cultural studies • Mercantile culture in Renaissance art and literature • Landscape in European art and literature, 1350-1700 • Music in European art, literature, and society, 1400-1700 • Gender and art, 1300-1700

250 articles, essays, conference papers and bibliographies, 9 syllabi, and 55,000 images of Western art arranged in 2,000 slide shows by subject matter can be downloaded from Professor Baldwin’s personal website:

Robert Baldwin works on the social history of Late Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque art (1300-1700), exploring the intersection of class and gender with political, social, moral and aesthetic values. He is the author of a CD-ROM textbook project, A Social History of Western Art, 1300-2000 (2,500 pp.), most of which is posted on his personal website His Ph.D. thesis, "The Humble Style in Northern Renaissance and Baroque Religious Art" (Harvard, 1983) is also available on his website and on CD-ROM (with photos).

Current research projects include: (1) Vuillard, Denis, and the "Feminine" Domestic Interior, (2) the social history of Renaissance landscape, (3) music, class, and gender in Dutch art 1500-1700 (especially Vermeer), (4) mercantilist culture in sixteenth-century Dutch art, (5) late medieval feudal culture in the Limbourg Brother's "Tres Riches Heures," (6) absolutism in the landscapes of Claude Lorrain, (7) three anthologies of primary source writings on music, nature, and gender from antiquity to 1700 (each 2,500 - 5,000 pages), and (8) a digital archive of 100,000 images of Western art (classical and European, 1300-1920), including 10,000 close-ups taken on site. Fifty-thousand images are PowerPointed by artist and 50,000 images by subject matter (in 3,000 thematic slideshows).

Professor Baldwin teaches 9 regular courses: (1) Western Art from the Renaissance to the Present; (2) Early Renaissance Art in Italy, 1400-1500; (3) Later Renaissance Art in Italy, 1500-1575; (4) Early Renaissance Art in Northern Europe (1400-15600); (5) Later Renaissance Art in Northern Europe (1500-1600); (6) Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer: Art and Society in the 17th-Century "Belgium" and the Netherlands; (7) Art and Ideology in 17th-Century Italy, Spain, and France; (8) Gender and Representation in Early Modern European Art and Literature, 1300-1700; (9) Nature in Western Art from the Renaissance to Modernity.(Syllabi for these courses may be found on his personal website,

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