Student Support Network

The Connecticut College Student Support Network program (SSN) is an ongoing effort to identify and train student leaders on campus in how to identify, reach out, and help other students in distress.

The program aims to improve students’ recognition of signs/symptoms of mental health distress, confidence in reaching out to others in distress, ability to provide support in the moment, and refer to appropriate supportive resources in the community. Unlike many other peer programs, the training is not intended to promote peer counseling or peer education skills.

The program involves a six-week training session during the course of one semester. An average of 15-25 new students are recruited into each training session (either fall or spring semester).  If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact Janet Dee Spoltore, Ph.D., ABPP, Director of Student Counseling Services


Graduates of the SSN Program:

Spring ’12 Grads

Fall ’12 Grads:

Spring ’13 Grads:

Caroline Abbott

Caroline Corbett

Chelsea Adams

Alexis Adams-Clark

Jennifer Cunningham

Marcela Grillo

Gabby Arenge

Gina Deitz

Michael Haims

Julia Cristofano

Winona Mantelli

Julia Hooker

Brittany Fitzgerald

Kristen McAleenan

Stephanie Kangas

Marline Johnson

Emily Morse

Mikela Karaiosifoglou

Andrea Lewis

Meghan Rossini

Kevin Kelly

Libby Nichols

Kate Rudolph

Patrick Landes

Julian Perez

Brooke Safferman

Andrea Levinsky

Audrey Sperry

Patricia Shields

Metika Ngbokoli

Elizabeth Venuti

Jordan Thomas

Lulu Pajolek

Noam Waksman


Katie Pearson

Yue Wu


Olivia Rabbit



James Robinson



Henry Sinnock



Ted Steinberg



Maddy Tasini



Brooke Thayer



Alexandra Tritto



Cassandra Valarezo



Paige Ziplow