Course Modifications

When appropriate, students with disabilities may be entitled to modifications in a course, such as extended time on exams, other testing modifications, permission to tape record a lecture, or use of a laptop computer for note taking. Students should make requests for reasonable accommodations on the Accessibility Needs Assessment Questionnaire they submit to the Office of Student Accessibility Services. (See Forms.)

Once the questionnaire and supporting documentation is received, the request for registration of a disability and accommodations are reviewed and the student will be notified of the outcome of the review. The review process generally takes about one to two weeks after the required documents have been received if the request is placed during the school year. Students submitting requests and documents during the summer can expect to be notified of the review by the start of the fall semester as long as the required documents have been received at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester. It is recommended that requests be submitted as early in the summer as possible.

The College’s procedures for accommodating students are designed to promote responsible self-advocacy and encourage communication with faculty. Therefore, with the student’s permission and upon the student’s request, the Office of Student Accessibility Services will provide students with a memo for faculty each semester to notify them of the student’s eligibility for academic modifications. Students must work directly with instructors to develop a suitable arrangement for each specific circumstance. Students should notify faculty by presenting their letter of accommodation early in the semester to assure faculty have been given reasonable notice before the accommodations are needed. Students risk the possibility of not receiving accommodations if faculty is not informed of approved accommodations with reasonable notice.

Requests for memos to faculty listing a student’s approved course modifications must be submitted to the Office of Student Accessibility Services each semester. A Request for Accommodation form which asks for information on current classes will be emailed to students who are registered with the Office of Student Accessibility Services each semester. This form is also available on this website and in the Office of Student Accessibility Services.

Additional procedures are necessary to set up testing accommodations for self-scheduled final exams and require information to be supplied by the student to the Office of Student Accessibility Services prior to the self-scheduled final exam period. Students will be informed of the procedure through email to their Connecticut College email address well before self-scheduled final exams.

Contact Information:

Barbara L. McLlarky, Director
On campus x5428, or 860-439-5428
Fax: 860-439-2003


Lillian Liebenthal, Student Accessibility Coordinator
On campus x5428, or 860-439-5428


Office of Student Accessibility Services
College Center at Crozier-Williams, Second Floor, Room 221
Campus Box 5264
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320