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Connecticut College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and has been so continuously since December 1932. Information about the College’s accreditation status can be obtained from the roster of institutions on the New England Association of Schools and College’s Commission on Institutions of Higher Education website: The College offers courses leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts. Questions about financial aid application and funding information for both programs can be obtained from Financial Aid Services. For specific questions about programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree, please contact the Office of Admission. For questions about the Master of Arts degree, contact the Office of the Registrar. Information on how to comment on, or register complaints about Connecticut College’s compliance with NEASC accreditation criteria may be found at the CIHE NEASC website:

Career and Job Placement Services
Career Enhancing Life Skills CELS 
CELS career resources for students
Funded internships
Pre-professional advising for law, medicine and business

Computer File Sharing

Finding legal online music and other electronic content
Student infringement of copyright policy and procedures

Copyright Information
Copyright policy statement
Course reserves policies
Fair use

Accessibiilty/Disability Support Services
Student Accessibility Services

Educational Programs
Departments and programs
Majors and minors
Graduate study and non-traditional programs
Certificate programs
Summer study policies
Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act
Connecticut College Equity in Athletics Data

Faculty profiles
Faculty experts - Media source guide to faculty areas of expertise

FERPA - Privacy of Student Records
FERPA policy statement
FERPA - Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act - information for parents
FERPA student authorization and waiver for release of educational records

Instructional Facilities
Computer labs
Science facilities and laboratories
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Electronic and digital sound studio
Price of Attendance
Tuition and Fees
Net Price Calculator

Refund Policy
Federal refund policy on financial aid: Connecticut College Catalog 2014-2015 (pdf), page 179

Satisfactory Progress Standards
Satisfactory academic progress: Connecticut College Catalog 2014-2015, (pdf) page 164

Student Activities
Student activities and organizations
Student Activities Council (SAC)

Student Diversity
Connecticut College Fall 2009 Summary of Student Diversity (pdf)

Connecticut College Fall 2011 Summary of Student Diversity (pdf)
Connecticut College Fall 2012 Summary of Student Diversity (pdf)
Student Statistics (Connecticut College Common Data Set)



Student Statistics - General

NAICU "UCAN" - University and Accountability Network
for Connecticut College
"College Navigator" -

Transfer of Credit
College credit for transfers - Transfer FAQ
Academic FAQ - Course Credit
AP/IB Course Credit for International Students
Education Department FAQ - IB/AP Credit

Veterans Information
Connecticut College values the perspectives and contributions of those who have served our country in the military and welcomes applications from veterans who may wish to finish a Bachelor of Arts degree through our Return to College program. Veterans with questions should email Cynthia Goheen.

Voter Registration
The Office of Volunteers for Community Service (OVCS)at Connecticut College actively promotes voter registration among faculty, staff and students at the College. The OVCS office serves as a central location for members of the College community to pick up voter registration forms and absentee ballots for any state in the U.S. OVCS also runs shuttles to voting sites in New London on election day to encourage voter participation in exercising their right to vote. Student political groups, too, are often involved in helping.

Withdrawal Procedures
Connecticut College Catalog 2014-2015