Class registration for Science Leaders

Online registration will begin Thursday, June 5, at 5 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) and end Tuesday, June 10, at 9 a.m. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. To register, you must have activated your Connecticut College email address.

As a Science Leader, you will need to register for only one course, as you will automatically be placed into a freshman seminar.* This course should be any other entry-level course that is listed on the Fall 2014 Condensed Course Schedule (pdf) which may be a course at the 200-level with no prerequisite. (Please note: English 202 is designed for potential English majors.) You’ll register for your other two courses after meeting with your faculty adviser during Orientation.

* FRESHMAN SEMINAR 104E ILLUMINATING DISEASE The lights and colors of bioluminescent proteins are used to discuss diseases, modern medical research and the use of molecular methods to study gene expression. Fluorescent proteins are commonly used in biomedical techniques – we will examine their application in cancer, heart disease, malaria, AIDS and dengue fever research. Seminar is open to Freshman NSF Science Leaders only. Prof. Marc Zimmer.

Before you register

Activate your Connecticut College email account. On or before June 2, your Connecticut College email address and password will be provided to you with instructions on how to activate your account. If you don’t receive the email, contact the IT Service Desk at or 860-439-4357. Activate your account right away and check that address at least weekly.

Complete the "Designing Your Education" form in the Enrollment Guide

This questionnaire gets you thinking about the courses you’d like to take during your four years at Connecticut College using the College’s online course catalog. The catalog provides descriptions for every course that the College offers, although not all courses are offered every semester. The course schedule lists the courses available for a specific semester, along with times and locations. The Fall 2014 Condensed Course Schedule lists courses available to incoming first-year students.

Select your course

Review the Fall 2014 Condensed Course Schedule together with your answers to the "Designing Your Education" form and select several entry-level courses. Choosing extra courses will provide you with backup selections in case your first choice is full. Your second course can be any other entry-level course which may be a 200-level course with no prerequisite. (Please note: English 202 is designed for potential English majors.) Be sure your list includes the five-digit CRN (Course Registration Number) for each course, since you’ll need the CRN to register. The CRN is listed in the far left column on the condensed course schedule. Be sure your first-year seminar and other entry-level course do not overlap in time and day.

How to register - starting June 5

1. You should have already activated your Connecticut College email account.  If you haven’t, do so now.

2. Refer to your list of courses you are interested in. Remember: As a Science Leader, you are registering for one course, an entry-level course that is not a freshman seminar.

3. Go to

4. Click on Log In (in the upper right corner), then click on Self Service, then Enter Secure Area.

5. Enter your USER ID and PASSWORD, the same that you use to access your Connecticut College e-mail.

6. Click Student, then Registration, then Add/Drop Classes.

7. Select Fall 2014 and click Submit.

8. Enter the five-digit CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet and click Submit Changes.

9. The course for which you’ve successfully registered will appear in the section Current Schedule. Verify that you have entered the correct CRN by reviewing the results.

10. If you made a mistake, click on the down arrow in the Action field next to the course you want to delete. Select Web Drop/Delete, enter the CRN for the course you want to add in the Add Classes Worksheet and click Submit Changes.

11. If you encounter errors, they will be noted in the section Registration Add Errors, which will appear above the Add Classes Worksheet. You may need to scroll down to view the section. If you received an error message, choose another course.

12. For a print-friendly schedule with locations and times, click Return to Menu, then Concise Student Schedule. If your course’s location is blank, don’t worry, just check back in Self Service in August.

13. Click Exit to logout. 

For any problems or concerns, contact the Office of the Dean of Studies

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