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First-year applicants may choose to submit no tests for review or may select to submit the SAT Reasoning, two SAT Subject Tests or the ACT. If your standardized test scores do not reflect your full potential, we recommend you choose to select the "no tests" option on the Common Application. Standardized tests are not considered during the transfer application process.

If you choose to submit the SAT Subject Tests, you may submit any two of your choice. If you choose to submit the ACT, the writing component is not required. If you submit multiple scores of the same test such as the ACT, we will consider your best composite score. Likewise, if you submit multiple SAT Subject Tests, we will consider your two highest scores from two different tests. If you choose to have us consider your SAT Reasoning scores, we will consider your highest scores across all SAT dates submitted. You should send scores from every SAT date in which you received your best score in Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. We will update your record each time we receive new scores and will consider only your highest section scores when making a final admission decision.

If you are determining whether to submit any testing, our advice would be to submit your scores if you feel they are representative of your achievement and you believe they will enhance your application. You will not be disadvantaged in the application process by choosing to not submit standardized tests.

Connecticut College's ACT code is 0556 and its SAT code is 3284.

We are often asked why we do not require standardized testing. We do not require testing for several reasons.

- First, we take a holistic approach to the review of the student application. We do not think that three hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning determines whether a student is going to contribute to our community.
- Second, we want students to highlight their strengths in the application process. This is why we give students the option to submit any two SAT Subject Tests, the SAT Reasoning Test or the more comprehensive ACT, but we do not require them of students who feel that other areas of their application are a better reflection of their abilities.
- Third, we believe that some students are not well served by standardized testing and have found through our own studies that along with the high school transcript, items such as a student's essay, short answers, recommendations and other application materials are better predictors of how well a student will perform during their first year at the College than standardized tests.


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