Religious Studies Faculty

Roger Brooks
Elie Wiesel Professor of Judaic Studies
Judaic studies, Rabbinic Law, Liberal arts and higher education

Eugene Gallagher
Rosemary Park Professor of Religious Studies
History of religions, new religious movements, New Testament and early Christianity, Western scriptures and traditions

Lindsey Harlan
Professor of Religious Studies
History of religion, Hinduism, religion and gender, heroic traditions, religion in Trinidad

David Kyuman Kim
Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Associate Professor in American Studies
Department Chair
Inaugural Director, Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity
Philosophy of religion, critical theory, political theory, modern and contemporary religious thought, human agency, moral philosophy and ethics, religious theory, Asian-American studies

Sharon Portnoff
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Modern Jewish thought, Holocaust theology, Dante, Primo Levi, Israel

Sufia Uddin
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Islamic studies, religion in South Asia, women and religion

Professor Emeritus

Garrett Green
Class of '43 Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies




Department of Religious Studies
Connecticut College
270 Mohegan Ave.
New London, CT 06320-4196

Department Assistant: Diane Monte