Connecticut College is one of the few liberal arts colleges of its size that offers you multiple econometrics courses, real corporate finance courses and an abundance of classes on economic history and the many theoretical frameworks that can be used to think about economic problems.

Also, with some planning, our students can take business courses at the nearby U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Consult the FAQ for more details.

A sample of our courses:

  • Econometrics
  • Perspectives on Development
  • Economics of the Informal Sector In Vietnam
  • International Trade
  • Game Theory
  • Introduction to Feminist Economics
  • Economics of Latin America
  • Health Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economics of Conflict and Cooperation
  • Gender and Development in Latin America

Contact Information:

Candace Howes, Barbara Hogate Ferrin '43 Professor of Economics
Nancy Lewandowski

Phone 860-439-5447
Fax: 860-439-5332

Department of Economics
Connecticut College
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