Honors/Independent Study

Honors Study offers students who meet the standards set by the College and by their major departments the opportunity to combine independent work with regular courses of study.

As a junior dance major who has maintained a 3.5 average in your major courses for the sophomore and junior years, you may at the end of the junior year request permission of your department to be admitted to Honors Study. At this time, in consultation with your major department, you'll formulate a tentative plan for a senior project that has a scope of a year-long project in your declared major.

Some recent honors projects:

Emma Judkins '11 presenting "FRAMEWORK," an honors thesis performance.Emma Judkins '11 presented "FRAMEWORK" (above and left) in May 2011, an honors thesis performance that reflected the culmination of year and a half-long study of the processes and structures that connect language and dance.

"This thesis study is an exercise in clarity. My artistic purpose is to investigate and connect movement and language structures in dance performance, choreographic dance making, and the practice of dance as a part of life. In my effort to define this experience, and myself more clearly, I am searching for a way to see how deeply I care if choreography, specifically my own choreography, is received in the manner I wish it to be or expect it to be understood. I feel as though dance has innumerable ways of intersecting with language. There is language in physical, movement-oriented vocabulary that seeks to communicate via the human form. There is language that is used to talk about dance, its social, cultural, and aesthetic impacts and ramifications. There is language inside the performing dancer, negotiating the choices and intentions of the body. There are words and text within dance, or the use of language whether written, spoken, or drawn in a performance space." - Emma Judkins ’11

Wayne Ong's '11 honors thesis was a foray into the mechanics of physical humor primarily focused on the works of Chaplin and Keaton. The research and analysis culminated in a final performance piece titled "Goldintrudlocks," a re-telling of the Goldilocks fairytale with a contemporary twist.

" 'It is always important to find the funnies in life,' I once heard a comedian quip. Humor breaks boundaries and builds relationships, and learning to infuse that with the physicality of dance truly melded two sides of me that I am deeply fond of and passionate about." - Wayne Ong '11

Khadija Griffith '11, "TARiYAN 030".Khadija Griffith '11 completed her honors thesis by working as a choreographer/ director/ filmmaker and editor/ wardrobe designer/ and writer for both site-specific work on the College campus as well as a performance held in Myers Studio at Connecticut College. Griffith's dance project is titled "TARiYAN 030"; the written portion is titled "The Journey to Being Seen."

"I invited a group of six movers to work with me in creating a closely knit unit we called the Team. We inspired to represent those silenced by society and express their stories through movement. The site-specific work took place at multiple landmarks of Connecticut College as well as our infiltration of a social gathering. The Team wore customized uniforms, gloves and facemasks to draw the attention to the movement instead of the individual. Our work culminated in a performance held at Myers Studio, where movement, live painting and a film, documenting the site-specific work, was shown." – Khadija Griffith '11

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