American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS)

Most U.S. medical schools belong to a centralized application service called AMCAS. Students applying to AMCAS-participating schools must utilize this service (a list of member schools is included in the AMCAS registration packet). Students fill out one AMCAS application and designate the schools to which they want their application sent (use the Semester System option for Connecticut College). The completed application materials and service fee should be forwarded directly to AMCAS. AMCAS will then distribute them to the medical schools.

The applicant also must request that official transcripts from all U.S. and Canadian schools attended be sent to AMCAS (visit our Office of the Registrar, and be sure your spring term grades have been posted before sending). This is true even if you have studied elsewhere and the credit has been transferred to your Connecticut College transcript. Transcripts from foreign schools are not required. However, if a U.S. college sponsored a study abroad program, you must send an official transcript from that U.S. school.

Most AMCAS participating schools have their own secondary applications, which they send out after receiving the AMCAS application. These take time to fill out (they may request additional essays and information), which again highlights the need to apply early in the summer.

AMCAS registration is done online. To register, go to: AMCAS applications may be filed no earlier than June 1 (they will send it back to you before that time).

Individuals applying to non-AMCAS participating schools must contact these schools directly for application materials. Information and addresses of all U.S. medical schools are available in the Medical School Admission Requirements handbook. Official transcripts should be sent directly to non-AMCAS schools. You should arrange to have MCAT scores sent to them as well.