Independent Study in Art History

In our program you can ignite your passion for art history as a lively, intellectual endeavor. You and other self-motivated students will be able to deepen that passion through independent study projects that build on courses taken at Connecticut College and while studying abroad.

These projects can take one of two forms: a one-semester independent study project or a year-long honors thesis.

In either case, you chart your own course. You propose the topic. You develop the work plan. You work one-on-one with a faculty mentor to mine your bibliography and interpret your sources. In the process, you'll grow in intellectual ability, self-direction and self-confidence.

You may also find that an independent study project can serve as a vital link between your art history major and other academic opportunities that are unique to Connecticut College. Many art history majors participate in certificate programs that culminate in an independent study project.

Particularly popular are the museum studies certificate program and the certificate program offered through CISLA, the Toor Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts.

Explore all the certificate programs.

If you are successful in securing a summer research stipend from ConnSSHARP (the Connecticut College Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts Research Program), you will complete two independent study projects in your senior year.

For more information on the proposal process and academic expectations for honors theses and Independent study projects, visit our guidelines for independent/honors study

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