Study Away

How do I arrange to study away or abroad?

Students are allowed to study away or abroad only on programs approved by the Faculty Study Away Committee or on Study Away Teach Away (SATA) programs taught by Connecticut College faculty. The Office of Study Away oversees all study away programs and should be consulted for specific questions. You should also discuss your plans to study away with your adviser.

May I study away at any time during my college career?

In general, only juniors are allowed to study away and their applications must be approved by the Committee on Study Away. Some Study Away/Teach Away -SATA courses will allow sophomores or seniors, but these are exceptions.

I'm a transfer student; may I study away?

If you transfer into Connecticut College as a sophomore or second-semester freshman, you are eligible to apply to study abroad. If you transfer into Connecticut College as a junior, however, you do not have the option to apply for study abroad. The restriction on juniors is related to the campus residency requirements for the degree as stated in the College catalog: "All degree candidates must complete at least two full years of academic work in residence (full-time status)… and earn at least 64 credits at Connecticut College."

All transfer students, regardless of class year, are eligible for the funded internship program and many students use those funds to support internships abroad. In addition, the global focus at Connecticut College provides many other international and cultural opportunities that prospective transfer students should consider.