Class of 2016 PICA Scholars


Katherine Adams

Major:  Human Development

Minor: Hispanic Studies

Area of Interest: Bilingual education programs in under-resourced communities 


Mattie Barber-Bockelman

Majors: Theater and Government

Area of Interest: Roles of government, community organizing and theater to affect change


Ciara Beaulieu

Major: Sociology

Minor: Religious Studies

Area of Interest: Migration rights and refugee integration


Ariana Beers

Major: Human Development

Elementary Teaching Certification

Area of Interest: Educational response to Somali refugee children in the United States


Salvador Bigay

Majors: Government and Art

Area of Interest: Public Policy and community based art and education


Dana Canfield

Major: Biological Sciences

Area of Interest:  Effects of animal assisted therapy on developmentally challenged children


Aleksandr Chandra

Majors: Psychology and English

Minor: Dance

Area of Interest: Empowering Indian child laborers through arts in education


Grace Finley

Majors: Dance and American Studies

Area of Interest: Equal access to quality, public education


Grace Hall

Major: Sociology

Minor: Gender and Women’s Studies

Area of Interest: Public policies that perpetuate social injustice for women


Kristine Harrold

Majors: International Relations and American Studies

Minor: Sociology

Area of Interest: Federal education reform to decrease male-initiated sexual violence against women


Julia Hayden

Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: Government

Area of Interest: Environmental justice


Estefani Ignacio Gallegos

Major: Biological sciences

Area of interest: Health care and prevention of lead contamination in Hispanic populations


Jessica Kannam

Major: American Studies

Area of Interest: Comparative education reform in DC public schools


Taryn Kitchen

Major: American Studies

Elementary Teaching Certification

Area of Interest: Gender construction in elementary classrooms


Samantha Krieger

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience, Pre-med

Area of Interest: Eastern versus Western medical practices


Bianca Lopez

Majors: Psychology and Human Development

Area of Interest: Mental illness in children of color and low socioeconomic status


Paul Luba

Major: Government

Minor: Film

Area of Interest: Access to justice in civil cases


Susanna Mathews

Major: Government

Area of interest: National security and civil liberties


Khushbu Pandya

Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Pre-med

Area of Interest: Anti-malerial drug development for disease control in India


Luis Ramos

Majors: Architectural Studies and Sociology

Area of Interest: Pre-collegiate outreach programs for first generation, low-income students


Sophie Sharps

Major: Sociology

Minor: Government

Area of Interest: The U.S. public education system and policies that perpetuate inequitable


Chakena Sims

Major: History

Area of Interest: Felon disenfranchisement laws and US electoral politics


Paley Sweet

Major: Human Development

Area of Interest: Educational access for girls in developing countries