Jordan Banks
Major: American Studies
PICA Interest: The impact of social media use on the American political and social landscapes
Internship: True TV, New York, NY
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): The use of social media tactics in the 2008 Presidential elections in the United States and Iran, American Studies Independent Study

Asia Bento
Major: East Asian Studies and Psychology
Minor: Psychology
PICA Interest: Adolescents in foster care
Internship: Kyotoshi Satooyakai & Wakei Kakuen, Japan
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): The impact of Christian social reform movements on the development of Japan’s first orphanage, East Asian Studies Honors Thesis

Molly Bierman
Major: Human Development
Minor: Government
PICA Interest: Juvenile Justice System
Internship: Challenge 2000, Wellington, New Zealand
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): Juvenile Delinquent Rehabilitation, Human Development Honors Thesis

Annie Bigwood
Major: Government
PICA Interest: The informal integration of refugees
Internship: Rwanda Women's Network, Kigali, Rwanda
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): An Analysis of the Informal Integration of Central African Republic Refugees in Cameroon, Government Independent Study

Trisha Bogar
Major: Hispanic and Latin American Studies
PICA Interest: Educational attainment in urban and rural settings in Latin America with a focus on Chile and Argentina
Internship: Casa de la Paz, Santiago, Chile
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): “Presente,” documentary piece on the social and historical impacts on the need to create schools for dropouts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Film Studies Independent Study

Briana Borenstein
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Mental health and stigma reduction
Internship: Eating Disorders Research Unit, NYS Psychiatric Institute, New York, NY
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): The effect of etiology on stigmatization of major depression and anorexia nervosa, Psychology Honors Thesis

Emma Bruggeman
Major: Sociology-based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Teen Dating Violence
Internship: Women's Center of South Eastern Connecticut, New London, CT
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): Teen dating violence prevention curricula and the effectiveness of different programs within schools, Sociology Independent Study

Pamela Charpie
Majors: Sociology and American Studies
PICA Interest: Advocating for underprivileged children with disabilities
Internship: Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass. Middleboro, MA
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): The Social Construction of Disability as a Perpetuator of Inequality: How Ideological Constructs and Institutional Barriers Have Resulted in the Creation of an "Other", Sociology Independent Study

Cara Cheslin
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Sociology-based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Activism and coalition building to create positive environmental change on the policy and corporate levels Internship: Rainforest Action Network, San Francisco, CA
Senior Integrative Project (SIP Advisor): Brazilian and Transnational Activism to Save the Amazon, Post-Authoritarian Brazil, Sociology Capstone Course

Eliana Fischel
Majors: Psychology and Dance
PICA Interest: Peace-communication programs for children in conflicting religious groups
Internship: Interfaith Community, Inc. New York, NY
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): Intergroup Perception of Rigidity Among Religious Groups, Psychology Honors Thesis

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Feliz-Aurora Gonzales
Major: Economics
Minor: Government
PICA Interest: NGO intervention to address issues of poverty in international economic development
Internship: Slow Food USA, Brooklyn, NY
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): Economics Independent Study

Nicole LaConte
Majors: History and Religious Studies
PICA Interest: Multi-lingual education
Internship: Museum of Science, Boston, MA
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): “Not one Looks Like my Daughter”: How American Girl Makes History Hegemony, History Honors Thesis

Sarah Murphy
Major: Sociology-based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Sport as an intervention strategy for improving youth development and achievement
Internship: Wediko Children's Services, Inc., Windsor, NH
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): Minority and Disadvantaged Youth in Swim Programs: A Case Study in the Life-Saving and Life Skills Learned through Sport and a Call to Action to Extend Access to “Country Club Sports” to all Youth, Sociology Independent Study

Julie Sizer
Major: Sociology-based Human Relations
PICA Interest: HIV prevention and awareness in South Africa
Internship: The Fund for American Studies - AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth and Families, Washington, D.C.
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): “Use Your Mouth”: Examining the Effectiveness of Youth-Targeted HIV Prevention Media Campaigns, Sociology Independent Study

Hayley Sullivan
Major: Government
Minor: Psychology
PICA Interest: Women and U.S. Politics
Internship: League of Women Voters, Washington, D.C.
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): Who Cares for the Public Servant? Personal Constituents, Gender, and Political Ambition, Government Honors Thesis

Kristen Tamburro
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Women in electoral politics
Internship: American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL), Washington, D.C.
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): Women and World Politics Government Capstone Course

Natalie Theys
Major: Environmental studies
PICA Interest: Community involvement in local food systems
Internship: Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), Berkeley, CA
Senior Integrative Project (SIP): Reestablishing Social Connections: Producers, Consumers, and Local Food Systems, Environmental Studies Independent Study

Felipe Valencia
Majors: History and International Relations
PICA Interest: Grassroots organizing and alternatives to capitalism
Internship: F.R.E.S.H. New London, New London, CT
Senior Integrative Project (SIP):Waves of Protest: The Student Movement of 1968 and Urban Popular Organizing, History Independent Study