Paola Coste

Major: Sociology-based Human Relations

Certificate: Elementary Education

PICA Interest: How Curriculum and classroom practices perpetuate normality where differences and deviations from the norm are not accepted

Internship: CONNSharp, Connecticut College, New London, CT

Senior Integrative Project: The Classroom: The Face of Normality, Education Independent Study

Kiara Fuller
Major: Psychology-based Human Relations

Minor: Sociology
PICA Interest: Domestic violence and methods of intervention

Internship: The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven, New Haven, CT

Senior Integrative Project: Finding Methods of Intervention for Domestic Violence, Sociology, Capstone Course/Independent Study

Molly Hayward
Major: Government

Minor: Philosophy

PICA Interest: Women in development and post-conflict recovery

Internship: The Foundation for Development Cooperation, Queensland, Australia

Senior Integrative Project: The Necessity of Gendered Impact Analysis for Effectual Development Programming, Government Independent Study

Sarah Howe

Major: International Relations
PICA Interest: Children’s rights and immigration law

Internship: Refugee Council, London, England

Senior Integrative Project: Separated Children Fleeing Persecution: a Comparative Study of Asylum Policies in the U.K. and the U.S., International Relations Honors Thesis

Zoe Hull
Major: Sociology-based Human Relations

PICA Interest: Immigration policy

Internship: International Institute of Boston, Boston, MA

Senior Integrative Project: The Broken System: American Political Asylum, Sociology Honors Thesis

Kristin Humphrey
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Support for siblings of children with autism

Internship: Massachusetts General Hospital Youthcare Camp, Boston, MA

Senior Integrative Project: Sibshops, Psychology Independent Study

Melanie Joubanian
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Mental Health in schools

Internship: Education Development Center, Newton, MA

Senior Integrative Project: Influence of Student Problem Cause and School Support on Teacher Use of Behavioral Strategies in Classroom Management, Psychology Honors Thesis

Deena Kimmel
Major: American Studies

Minor: French
PICA Interest: Securing Peace in the Middle East

Internship: Hand in Hand School, Jerusalem, Israel

Senior Integrative Project: The Role of Neoconservatives in the Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process, American Studies Capstone Course

Sara Kruger
Major: Anthropology
PICA Interest: Environmental community development and activism

Internship: Neighborhood Bikeworks, Philadelphia, PA

Senior Integrative Project: Equitable Sustainable Development in the Urban Environment, Anthropology Independent Study

Freya Levett

Major: Architectural Studies, Certificate: Museum Studies

Internship: MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA

PICA Interest: Effects of non-profit arts organizations on the community in which they are located

Senior Integrative Project: Educating Others about New London’s Industrial Past, Architectural Studies Independent Study

Colleen MacPhee

Majors: Sociology and Gender and Women’s Studies

PICA Interest: Resources and support systems for homeless women who have survived domestic violence or sexual assault

Internship: Jane Addams Place, Lutheran Settlement House, Philadelphia, PA

Senior Integrative Project: Redefining the Representation and Voices of Survivors of Violence: Creative Journaling as a Road to Healing, Anthropology Independent Study

Ashley Oldacre
Major: East Asian Studies
PICA Interest: Narratives of women ex-offenders

Internship: Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Des Moines, IA

Senior Integrative Project: Using Narratives to Reduce Recidivism for Female Ex-Offenders, Human Development Independent Study

Leland Stillman
Majors: Biological Sciences and Environmental Health

Minor: Chemistry
PICA Interest: Environmental health

Internship: The Summit Health Institute for Research and Education, Washington, DC

Senior Integrative Project: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and New Paradigms of Environmental Policy, Environmental Health Honors Thesis

Harrison Wood
Major: History
PICA Interest: Eco - Tourism in China

Internship: Mountain Institute, Beijing, China

Senior Integrative Project: International Governance Frameworks on the Protection of Natural Sites in China and the Growth of Ecotourism, Environmental Studies, Capstone Course