Joey Backer '08
Major: Government
PICA Interest: How government interacts with the people it was formed to serve
Internship: Alipes CME, Boston, MA

Erin Burdett '08
Major: English
PICA Interest: How identities and biographies are rebuilt after disaster
Internship: New Orleans Video Access Center, Inc., New Orleans, LA

Heidi Cook '08
Major: International Relations
PICA Interest: the globalization of corporate agriculture in South Asia
Internship: Friends of the Earth, Flanders and Brussels, Belgium

Rachael Cooke '08
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest:
Internship: Morris Foundation, Inc., Waterbury, CT

Diana Coyne '08
Major: History
PICA Interest: The ramifications of NCLB on the American education system
Internship: Metropolitan Center for Urban Education, New York University, New York, NY

Scott Dunay '08
Major: Anthropology
PICA Interest: Cultural perceptions of poverty
Internship: United for a Fair Economy, Boston, MA

Ashley Faber '08
Major: Psychology and English
PICA Interest: The effects of media biases on the public
Internship: Boston University Department of Psychology, Boston, MA

Amy Fellenbaum '08
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Intervention and services for abused children and their families
Internship: Dorothy B. Hersh Regional Child Protection Center, New Brunswick, NJ

Emily Heller '08
Major: Environmental Studies
PICA Interest: Forest Conservation
Internship: IUCN-USA Multilateral Office, Washington, DC

Hana Kolibiarova '08
Major: Mathematics and Psych-based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Orphanages in Eastern Europe
Internship: Navrat Civic Association Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia

Christine Lafontant '08
Major: Sociology
PICA Interest: Self esteem in adolescent women
Internship:Amartya, Buenos Aires, Argentina Senior Integrative Project: The Effect of Father-Daughter Relations on Self Esteem and Romantic Decisions, Psychology

Sarah Lindsay '08
Major: Latin American Studies
PICA Interest: Human rights, violations in Latin America, particularly those of women and children
Internship: Cambiano Vidas (Changing Lives), Dominican Republic

Jesse Meadow '08
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Improving relations between the college and the New London community
Internship: Department of Psychology, University of Surrey, Surrey, UK

Heather Munro '08
Major: Anthropology
PICA Interest: Immigrant rights
Internship: New Haven Legal Assistance Associates, Inc., New Haven, CT

Jillian Nowlin '08
Major: International Relations and Africana Studies
PICA Interest: The socially conscious and ecologically friendly production of designer fashion in Africa
Internship: Housing Families Inc., St. Malden, MA

Sally Pendergast '08
Major: American Studies
PICA Interest: The absence of high-quality prenatal and post-partum care in at-risk and low-income communities
Internship: Project HEALTH, Boston, MA

Nicole Porter '08
Major:Psych-based Human Relations
PICA Interest:How non-profit organizations support the families of at risk youth
Internship: Crowther & Ashby Law Firm, Atlanta, GA

Miriam Rubin '08
Major: Sociology
PICA Interest: College Access
Internship: New England Board of Higher Education, Boston, MA

Katrina Scherben '08
Major: Behavioral Neuroscience
PICA Interest: Environmental risk factors, their influences on brain development, and how politics can protect children
Internship: Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities, Providence, RI Senior Integrative Project: Socioeconomic and Neuroscience Interactions: The impact of community resources neuron development, Psychology Independent Study

Carolyn Slaughter '08
Major: International Relations
PICA Interest: Understanding Kenya's current deeply rooted poverty and the role of poverty-relief in this country
Internship: Global Alliance for Africa, Chicago, IL