Adrianne Capaldi '06
Majors: Government and American Studies
PICA Interest: Environmental Justice
Internship: American Civil Liberties Union, Philadelphia, PA
SIP: QUI TRANSULIT SUSINET: He who transplants sustains, The shift in political alliances on the national, state, and local level in the year after Kelo vs. New London, American Studies Honor Thesis

Stephanie Cardoos '06
Major: Psychology and Sociology
PICA Interest: Psychological and sociological influences on the behavior of children, especially juvenile delinquents
Internship: WEDIKO Children's Services, Windsor, NH
SIP: Gender Differences in Deviancy Training in a Clinical Setting, Psychology Honors Thesis

Alessandra Colia '06
Major: Sociology-based human relations
PICA Interest: Adoption
Internship: Adoption Rhode Island, Pawtucket, RI
SIP: A Critical Look at Foster Care in CT, Sociology Independent Study

Chelsea Consul '06
Major: Anthropology
PICA Interest: Educational inequalities and indigenous rights
Internship: CorporaciĆ³n Norte Grande, Chile
SIP: The Pehuenche of Caunicu: The Loss of Traditional Culture and the Role of Western Education, Anthropology Honors Thesis

David DiGiammarino '06
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Moving the world beyond oil as the primary source of energy
Internship: Energy Action, Boston, MA
SIP: A Comparative Analysis of Renewable Energy Between the United States and Germany, Government Independent Study.

Michelle Ghali '06
Major: Government
PICA Interest: American legislation post September 11 and its impact on civil liberties of ArabAmericans
Internship: American Civil Liberties Union, Trenton, NJ
SIP: Post 9/11 Legislation and the Arab American Community The Impact on and Response of the Arab American Community to Post 9/11 Legislation within the Organizational Context, Government Honors Thesis.

Nina Leezenbaum '06
Majors: Psychology
PICA Interest: The treatment of Pervasive Developmental Disabilities in the United States and Peru
Internship: Connecticut Center for Child Development, Milford, CT
SIP: Teaching Children with Autism to Mand for Missing Objects in an Interrupted Chain, Psychology Honors Thesis

Anne Lind '06
Majors: Sociology
PICA Interest: Community food security
Internship: People's Grocery, Oakland, CA
SIP: An Assessment of Community Food Security in New London, Connecticut, Sociology Honors Thesis.

Catherine McLinn '06
Major: Environmental Studies and Government
PICA Interest: Genetically Modified Organisms
Internship: Genetic Engineering Action Group, Brattleboro, VT
SIP: GMOs: The British Response to Biotech Crops, Government Independent Study.

Emelia Meckstroth '06
Majors: Anthropology and Art History
PICA Interest: Identity in a post-colonial society
Internship: Headwaters Development Foundation, Nairobi, Kenya
SIP: Ethnicity and Change in Kenya: An Analysis of Interrelated Facets of Identity, Anthropology Honors Thesis

Daniel Meltzer '06
Major: Film Studies
PICA Interest: International worker's rights
Internship: United Students Against Sweatshops, Mexico
SIP: El Instituto Americano del Desarrollo de Libre Sindicalismo y el Papel de Socavar Derechos Laborales y Humanos in El Salvador, Hispanic Studies Capstone Seminar and Project

Margaret Meyer '06
Major: Sociology and Spanish
PICA Interest: Latino immigrant communities and the cultural and situational conditions that affect them as newcomers to the United States
Internship: NY Civic Participation Project, NY, NY
SIP: La Violencia Domestica en las Comunidades Latinas: Un Problema Complejo, Hispanic Studies Independent Study

Tracey Mohr '06
Majors: Psychology and Sociology
PICA Interest: Health inequalities
Internship: Williams College-Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT
SIP: Native American Health Inequalities, Sociology Independent Study

Andrew Ober '06
Major: Religious Studies and Classics
PICA Interest: Religion and inner-city public policy
Internship: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC
SIP: Solo Christo: The Doctrine of Salvation and the Theology of Karl Barth, Religious Studies Honors Thesis

Stephanie Platt '06
Major: American Studies and History
PICA Interest: Race relations and Northeastern New Jersey
Internship: New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, Trenton, NJ
SIP: The Racial Breakdown and Inequalities in New Jersey: How Far Have We Come Since the Civil Rights Movement?, American Studies Independent Study

Katie Roth '06
Major: Human Development
PICA Interest: Disability and educational policy
Internship: e-Buddies, Best Buddies International, Washington, DC
SIP: Does Inclusive Education Make a Difference?: Attitudes and Perceptions of the Non-disabled Student toward the Student with Disabilities, Human Development Independent Study

Shona Sequeira '06
Major: English and Gender and Women's Studies
PICA Interest: Fighting domestic violence in the South Asian Community
Internship: Sakhi for South Asian Women, New York, NY
SIP: LEAVING: Stories, English Honors Thesis

Isabel Siegal '06
Majors: Latin American Studies and Government
PICA Interest: Children's rights in Latin America
Internship: Caritas Del Peru, Callao, Peru
SIP: Drugs, Prostitution, and Dependency on the Streets of Latin America, Hispanic Studies Independent Study

Kelsey Sullivan '06
Major: Religious Studies
PICA Interest: Women and self-esteem
Internship: YMCA of Columbia-Willamette, Portland, OR
SIP: Religion and Self-Esteem: An exploration of women in Christian communities and how their experiences have shaped their self-concept, Religious Studies Independent Study

Erin Wing '06
Majors: Government and Gender and Women's Studies
PICA Interest: Women's interest groups
Internship: League of Women Voters, Washington, DC
SIP: Looking to the Right: A Post-9/11 Comparative Study of a Conservative and a Liberal Women's Lobbying Organization in the United States, Gender and Women's Studies Honors Thesis