Elizabeth Ackley '05
Major: Human Development
PICA Interest:Intervention and prevention programs of adolescents with social, emotional and behavioral needs
Internship: Wediko Children's Services, Windsor, NH
SIP: Gender and Childhood Psychopathology: Are We Overlooking the Girls?, Psychology Independent Study

Lindsey Andrews '05
Major: International Relations
PICA Interest:The ability for civil society to mediate conflict
Internship: Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR), Cape Town, South Africa
SIP: Prevent. Manage. Transform. The Role of Civil Society in Conflict Resolution, A Case Study of Three NGOs Working in Burundi, Government Honors Thesis

Johannah Blackman '05
Major: Philosophy
PICA Interest:Children's rights/child activism
Internship: Globetree, Stockholm, Sweden
SIP: Contributors, Not Criminals: The Potential Role of Street Children in Improving Their Own Status in Kenya, Government Independent Study

Natalie Bolch '05
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Media portrayal of female candidates
Internship: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Washington, DC
SIP: Inequities in Media Coverage? An Examination of Gender, Partisanship, and Electoral Competitiveness, Government Independent Study

Lauren Dunton '05
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Effectiveness of grassroots organizing
Internship: The Center for Voting and Democracy, Takoma Park, MD
SIP: Proportional Representation: A Path to Better Democracy, Government Independent Study

Jennifer Dziubeck '05
Majors: Environmental Studies and Economics
PICA Interest: Socially responsible investing
Internship: Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, New York, NY
SIP: Climate Change and the U.S. Electric Power Industry: An Analysis of Potential Policies and the Role of Profitability, Economics Honors Thesis

Rebecca Garland '05
Major: Film Studies
PICA Interest: Independent film
Internship: Anarchists' Convention, New York, NY
SIP: American Independents: The Bilateral Relationship Between Autonomous Filmmakers and the Hollywood Elite, Film Studies Honors Thesis

Emily Goldberg '05
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Educational desegregation
Internship: Community Change Inc., Boston, MA
SIP: An Investigation of the Psychological Effects of Voluntary Desegregation Programs on Students of Color, Psychology Honors Thesis

Emma Kagel '05
Major: Biomedical Ethics (Self Designed Interdisciplinary Major)
PICA Interest:Prenatal testing and disability rights
Internship: Center for Genetics and Health Policy, Nashville, TN
SIP: To Engage or Not to Engage in Prenatal Testing? A Couple's Journey, Biomedical Ethics Honors Thesis

Lisa Kwiatkowski '05
Major: International Relations
PICA Interest: Fair trade
Internship: Equal Exchange Inc., West Bridgewater, MA
SIP: Coffee Crisis and Change in Central America, History Independent Study

Lydia Littwin '05
Major: Psychology-based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Perceptions about genetically modified organisms
Internship: The Food Bank Farm of Hadley, Hadley, MA
SIP: An Organic State of Mind: The Science, Ethics, and Psychology of GM Technology, Philosophy Independent Study

Jennie McLaughlin '05
Major: Anthropology
PICA Interest: The effect of classroom education on indigenous cultures
Internship: Maasai Education Discovery, Narok, Kenya
SIP: Pastoralism and Formal Education: Changing Gender Roles in Kenyan Pastoral Societies, Anthropology Honors Thesis

Cadence Moore '05
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Reproductive rights
Internship: Human Rights Watch, Women's Division, New York, NY
SIP: Better or Worse Off? The Reproductive Rights of Women Under the Post-Communist Societies of Poland and Germany, Government Independent Study

Cesar Palana, II '05
Major: Zoology
PICA Interest:Health care for the elderly
Internship: Elder Horizons Program, New Haven, CT
SIP: Yale-New Haven Hospital: To Maintain the Independence of Older Adults by Providing Hospital Care and In-Home Care, Human Development Independent Study

Cecilia Royal '05
Major: International Relations
PICA Interest:International responses to the refugee crisis
Internship: U.S. Committee for Refugees, Washington, D.C.
SIP: When Protection Becomes Restrictive: Explaining Long Term Encampment as the Enduring Failure of the Refugee Regime, International Relations Honors Thesis

Deena Schwartz '05
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest:Education policy and school integration
Internship: New York State Assemblyman Steven Sanders' Office, New York, NY
SIP: Racial Composition of Schools, Racial Identity, and Group Identity, Psychology Independent Study

Bryan Serino '05
Major: History
PICA Interest:Impact of terrorism on the legal system
Internship: United States Attorney's Office, Anti-Terror Unit, Boston, MA
SIP: Understanding Terrorism as a Malleable Construct, History Honors Thesis

Danielle Sipplak '05
Major: Latin American Studies
PICA Interest: English immersion programs versus bilingual programs
Internship: Essex County Educational Services Commission, Migrant Education Program, West Orange, NJ
SIP: Where Mariachi Trumps Springsteen: A Case Study on Mexican Immigration in Freehold, New Jersey, Hispanic Studies Honors Thesis

Lisa Smee '05
Majors: Psychology and Philosophy
PICA Interest:Autism and educational clinical professionals
Internship: The New England Center for Children, Southborough, MA
SIP: Differential Diagnosis of Autistic Symptoms by Educational and Clinical Professionals, Psychology Honors Thesis

Sarah Tacy '05
Major: Psychology-Based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Impact of athletics on urban youth, especially girls
Internship: Lacrosse for LIFE, San Francisco, CA
SIP: Discovering the Roots: Attacking the Psychological Obstacles and Nurturing Centeredness, Psychology Independent Study