Current CISLA Scholars

Seniors: Class of 2014

Upon completion of their summer internship experiences, CISLA seniors return to campus to begin the final phases of the CISLA program. In their CISLA class, IS401: New Perspectives on Modern Global Society, they share their thoughts and experiences of being abroad, and reflect upon the personal discoveries they have made during their CISLA journeys.

Senior year is also when the CISLA scholar integrates his or her major, coursework, research, and internship experience into the Senior Integrative Project (S.I.P.) in the form of an honors thesis or an independent study project.

Finally, the seniors must pass an oral proficiency examination in their foreign languages of study. Upon successful completion of all of the CISLA requirements, they will be awarded CISLA certification at graduation.

Jyoti Arvey
Language: Russian
Major: Slavic Studies
Proposed Project: Propaganda and Political Dissent in Russian Animation: From the Soviet to the Contemporary Era
Internship: Marina Shamsutdinova Interior Design, Russia
Dagna Bilski
Language: Russian
Major: Slavic Studies
Proposed Project: The Challenges of Multiculturalism in the Post-Soviet Russian Education System
Internship: Memorial, Russia
Sybil Bullock
Language: Arabic
Major: Anthropology
Proposed Project: Bilingual Identity Formations and their Effects on the Jasmine Revolution 
Internship: Center for Cross-Cultural Learning, Morocco
Aaron Samuel Davis Aaron Davis
Language: Spanish
Double Major: Classics and Dance
Proposed Project: Dance as a Cultural Agent for Black Minority Groups
Internship: Museo AfroPeruano El Carmen, Peru
Cole Delbyck
Language: Chinese
Major: East Asian Studies
Proposed Project: Representations of Homosexuality in Chinese Cinema
Internship: TimeOut Beijing, China
Cannea Ferguson
Language: Chinese
Major: East Asian Studies
Proposed Project: Official Representations of China's Ethnic Minorities within Han Society
Internship: Cultural Palace of Nationalities, China
Spencer Edward Francus
Language: Hebrew
Major: Philosophy
Proposed Project: The Relationship Between the Ethical Framework of Religious Traditions and the Moral Inclinations of Civilizations from Ancient to Modern Times
Internship: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Israel
Jacqueline Fulgham
Language: Arabic
Double Major: Economics and International Relations
Proposed Project: Social Sustainability of Palestinian Women Refugees in Jordanian Society
Internship: Hopes for Women, Jordan
Nicholas Gollner
Language: Chinese
Double Major: History and East Asian Studies
Proposed Project: Food Culture as an Expression of Chinese Modernity
Internship: TimeOut Beijing, China
Norah Hannel
Language: French
Double Major: Philosophy and French
Proposed Project: The Role of Language in Shaping Emotional Phenomenology
 Internship: Longchamp Paris, France
Alec Harris
Language: Spanish
Major: Architectural Studies
Proposed Project: The Influence of Spanish Dance on Architectural Forms
Internship: AXCT, Spain
Ellen Heartlein
Language: German
Double Major: History and German Studies
Proposed Project: Nazi Documentation and Record-Keeping as Tools for Advocacy of Holocaust Remembrance
Internship: Institute of Contemporary History, Germany
Ainsley Highland
Language: German
Double Major: International Relations and German Studies
Proposed Project: Germany's Role in the European Union
Internship: German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Germany
Prince Ilboudo
Language: Spanish
Double Major: Economics and International Relations
Proposed Project: Liberalization and Free Trade in Chile as a Model for Socioeconomic Growth in Developing Countries
Internship: Chilean Economic Development Agency, Chile
Eppie Lau
Language: Hebrew
Major: International Relations
Proposed Project: Democratic Ideals vs. Authoritarian Practices towards Migrant Workers in Israel
Internship: Workers' Hotline, Israel
Nicholas Luce
Language: Italian
Double Major: International Relations and Italian
Proposed Project: The Northern League Political Party: A Manifestation of the Italian Southern Question
Internship: Luigi Sturzo Insitute, Italy
Christopher May
Language: Spanish
Major: History with Pre-Med Concentration
Proposed Project: History and Challenges of Healthcare in Nicaragua
Internship: Casa Nica, Nicaragua
Allynn McInerney
Language: Spanish
Double Major: International Relations and Dance
Proposed Project: History and Gender in Latin American Politics: The Cases of Eva Peron and Cristina Kirchner
Internship: Argentine Council for International Relations, Argentina
Sarah Muellers
Language: German
Major: Art History
Proposed Project: Der Blaue Reiter as a Branch of German Expressionism
Internship: Franz Marc Museum, Germany
Graham Nelson
Language: German
Major: Architectural Studies
Proposed Project: Architecture in Berlin and the Former East Germany as a Reflection of National Reunification
Internship: Architecture Gallery of Munich, Germany
Juan Pablo Pacheco
Language: French
Double Major: Film Studies and Social Anthropology (self-designed)
Proposed Project: The Importance of Music in Creating Social Cohesion
Internship: Centre Culturel Blaise Senghor, Senegal
Katie Pearson
Language: Spanish
Double Major: International Relations and Latin American Studies
Proposed Project: Effects of Mexican Youth Services on Unaccompanied Youth Migration to the United States
Internship: Department of Women, Argentina 
Lauren Potter
Language: French
Major: Anthropology
Proposed Project: The Impact of Civil Solidarity Pacts (PACS) on French Notions of Citizenship, Gay Identity, and the Family
Internship: Collective of Student LGBT Assocations, France
Jennifer Rodriguez
Language: French
Major: Psychology
Proposed Project: Study of the Mental States of Imprisoned Individuals during the French Revolution as Reflected through Memoirs
Internship: Museum of the French Revolution, France
Monica Rohrbach
Language: Spanish
Major: Psychology
Proposed Project: Art Therapy as a Means of Expression for Chilean Immigrant Children
Internship: Teleton, Chile

Martina Rudolf
Language: Spanish
Double Major: Economics and International Relations
Proposed Project: The Effect of Women's Presence in Corrupt Businesses in Peru
Internship: Proética PeruPeru

Eileen Stall
Language: Japanese
Major: Art History
Proposed Project: Westernization and Japanese Identity as Shown through Bridal Fashion
Internship: Kyoto Costume Institute, Japan
Lydia Stitsel
Language: Italian
Major: Art History
Proposed Project: The Preservation and Conservation of Classical Art, Culture, and Artifacts in 21st Century Italy
Internship: Center for Archaeological Conservation, Italy
Michelle Strayer
Language: Spanish
Major: International Relations
Proposed Project: The Perception of American Human Rights Violations in Nations Pressured by the U.S. to Reform Human Rights Practices
Internship: Office of the Ombudsman, Peru
Mayra Valle
Language: Spanish
Double Major: Latin American Studies and Dance
Proposed Project: Afro-Continuity in the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean through Music, Language, and Dance
Internship: Studio Bailalo, Nicaragua
Claire Wellbeloved-Stone
Language: Spanish
Double Major: Anthropology and Hispanic Studies
Proposed Project: Development of Society in the Galapagos Islands
Internship: World Widlife Fund, Ecuador
Laurel Wolf
Language: Arabic
Major: Environmental Studies
Proposed Project: Proposed SIP: Conservation and Environmental Law in the Middle East: Regional Cooperation Regarding Water Resources of the Jordan Valley
Proposed Internship: Friends of the Earth Middle East, Jordan

Yue Wu
Language: English
Double Major: Psychology and Economics
Proposed Project: Iceland: A Successful Model of Recovery from a Financial Crisis?
Proposed Internship: Icelandic Tourist Board, Iceland 


Juniors: Class of 2015

Meet the CISLA juniors. 

Sophomores: Class of 2016

The application process for the CISLA class of 2016 will take place during the fall semester of 2013. Interested sophomores should plan to begin the application process by attending the Sophomore Information Session in September (look out for posters and fliers!)

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